Saturday, April 9, 2011

Self Care Likes......

Joy is the best makeup.- Anne Lamotte

Over the past few years, I have gradually incorporated more gentle and organic products into my beauty regimen. 

It started with my hair care products.  I was introduced to John Masters Organics a few years ago and I have used them ever since.

John Masters products are a little more expensive than popular brands you would find at the grocery store.  If you already buy hair products from your local salon, you won't see much difference in price- but these really are better for you and your hair.

When I started using John Masters shampoo, I realized very quickly that I don't have to use conditioner. I think that the only reason we may need conditioner anyway is to counteract the unnecessary drying chemicals they put in regular shampoo.  (It is a conspiracy!)

I really love the scent of the zinc and sage shampoo.  I buy it in the big economy size.

John Masters also has a wonderful orange vanilla lotion and shower gel that I use everyday.   Delicious stuff!

My local organic hair salon carries the John Masters line.  I found out recently that you can buy John Masters Organics at Whole Foods as well.

My transition to healthier beauty products is a work in progress.   I have found some very good products that work well for me, but I still hold on to a few maybe not so healthy cosmetics.   Eventually I hope to be 100% natural and organic.   I truly believe that we are most beautiful when we are healthy inside and out.   Unfortunately many everyday beauty products that are marketed to women contain harmful chemicals that may be counterproductive to our health.

Have you found a healthy beauty product that works well for you?

Take Good Care!

Important Disclaimer:   I am not paid for any reviews provided here.  I blog as a hobby and am not particularly interested in monetizing my self care blog at this time...all items and ideas provided here are purely my "likes", influenced only by my impeccable high standards and my mission in encouraging busy women-like you- to think (and do) more to take good care yourself!

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