Monday, April 2, 2012


1) Give yourself permission to make TODAY All About YOU. (stating loudly " because Self Care Girl says I can" might help too!)
2) Be polite if anyone challenges your position and don't do anything that might harm another person - being the Center of the Universe comes with very important responsibility (some people forget this and have given it a very bad name.)

3) Insist on meeting your needs first - the truth is if you are strong, healthy and love yourself, you will be much better equipped to contribute positively back to the world.

4) Ask yourself repeatedly, "what do I NEED right now?", then act. If the message is coming back unclear- take a walk. Walking is one of the best ways to get your thoughts in order!

5) Being the Center of the Universe can be absolutely exhausting and it is not for the faint of sure to eat healthy, exercise and get a good night's sleep...surround yourself with supportive people...and get lots of hugs.

Enjoy your day! ♥