My Diet Journal - HCG, Baby!

2 Weeks Post HCG - Sort of a crazy week.  I was down to 201.8 on Sunday morning.   On Monday morning- after a particularly fabulous meal out at Poppy, I ate a dessert called Hot Date Cake and found myself back up to 204.  Aye Carumba!  I got back on track immediately, lost a little on Tuesday and this morning I was 202.6.    Walking each day and trying to eat healthy.  Eventually I will get to 199.  I am being patient.

1 Week Post HCG-  Remarkably, I am continuing to lose weight.   I completed Week 1 of the Couch to 5K running plan, 3 days of walking 5.5 miles with my husband in the park behind our home and I am continuing to eat healthy.   Today I weighed in at 203.6.  Only 4.6lbs to go to reach my goal! I checked in with my doctor yesterday and she was pleased with my progress and "go-forward" plan.   I can start another round of HCG at the beginning of June.   I will be in Australia on a work assignment by then, and I have already scouted out the local organic options there.  

Day 3 (Post HCG):   This is my first day of increasing my calories.   I did wake up this morning at 204.4lbs and ventured down to the hotel gym to start exercising.   I am a little concerned about maintaining my weight loss.   My calories will be between 1300-1500 daily, and I will be doing some aerobic activity each day.  I will continue to post my progress.

I decided to give the Couch to 5K plan another go.   It is a 9week plan.  I have to wait at least 6 weeks before I can start another round of the HCG.  Haven't decided yet if I will stop the exercise plan at 6, so I can do the HCG...or if I will complete the 9 week plan and then start.   I guess it will depend on whether or not I suddenly start to like running!

I am hoping that I can reach my 199 goal before the next round.  

Post 40 VLCD, Day 1:  Well,  I was supposed to remain on the Very Low Calorie Diet for 2 days after completing the 40 day regimen.    Mr Self Care and I spent the day in Charleston taking in the sights and soaking up some wonderful sunshine and I made a conscious departure from my diet, so that we might enjoy some of the local fare.

I had my morning coffee and a scrambled egg before we left the hotel.   The egg was not very good- I suspect the hotel uses egg beaters (bleck!).   We stopped for lunch at the Noisy Oyster near the City Market.   I had the seafood platter- all broiled- and a side of collard greens instead of fries.   I feel like the seafood was fairly healthy cooked this way.   The cocktail sauce might have had sugar in it and the collard greens were definitely prepared with bacon- so that was tasty, but not good for the diet.   The quantity of food was also a violation.   But we did a LOT of walking yesterday and I feel comfortable jumping right back into my routine today.

Last night, Mr SC and I returned to the hotel and had some leftover beef and asparagus.  For dessert (yes, we had dessert!) We each had a praline and a cup of green tea.   (Very naughty...but very nice too)

This morning I weighed in at 205 even.   Today..I am back on my plan.   No regrets about yesterday's indulgence.   I had fun and enjoyed the flavors!

Day 40: I didnt' lose anything yesterday- I suspect that Brussel Sprouts are taboo on this diet like artichoke hearts.  I woke up this morning though at 204.2  after adhering strictly to the diet yesterday.  Today was my last injection.   The next two days will be diet only and then I will need to increase my calories and my exercise.

So it appears that I won't hit 199 for a little while- but my new goal is to hit it before I start another round of the HCG in 6 weeks.   This will be good motivation to keep me on track in the maintenance phase.   I can do another round of HCG beginning June 1.     

Day 38: 205.2.  This was a pleasant surprise this morning.   Also I put on my pants for work today and found that they are really baggy.   I have just one pair of dress pants and one pair of jeans that fit me here on this business trip...time to go shopping again!  Woot!

Day 37:  206 this morning.   Feeling good about this.  I don't think I am going to meet the 199 goal by day 42 though.   I am okay with this.  I will hit it in the next few weeks.   Today I am wearing my new skinny jeans and feeling inspired. 

Day 35: 207.2 today.  Apple Day was really difficult for me.  3 apples were all I could muster- I love them, but I was really craving a steak.   ;)

I went back in and reviewed the diet to ensure that I was following it correctly and had the horrible realization that artichokes are not on the vegetable list.   This surprised me because I could have sworn that I saw them there.  The fact of the matter is that Dr Simeon specifically found that eating the low calorie artichokes and mushrooms during the VLCD (very low calorie diet) stage, causes weight loss to halt.   Interesting.

So I am pretty sure that I have just proved his theory correct.  I had three servings of those wonderful morsels with lemon juice and black pepper.    From here on out I am sticking to the protocol.   Just 9 more days of this phase.   My 199 lb goal is still achievable, but I think it will be difficult.   Eventually I will get there though.

Day 34: I have officially plateaued.  Since last report I was 208, 208.4, 208, 207.8, 207.4 and today I am 208.   I was told this would happen.   Today I am going to try the "apple" day.  Which is prescribed on this diet if you experience a plateau.  If this doesn't work, then I  am going to assume that my injectable  HCG got too warm on the flight to SC.  In which case I am going to go directly to maintenance phase - increase my calories to 1300 and add in more exercise.  I will wait the mandatory 6 weeks and try HCG again.

It is frustrating to be here- I am surrounded by marvelous restaurants, yet I am adhering to this strict diet and not seeing results.  I long for a little cheese on my salad...a little avocado too....some greek yogurt and fruit in the morning (heavy sigh!)  Such small things really, but FLAVOR and VARIETY!

I am trying to focus on the positive.  I went shopping on Thursday night and bought myself a few new outfits in a Size 14/16 (Womens), which is down from my normal size18/20!  One of my favorite stores is Dress Barn (hate the name, love the clothes)- they carry both Misses and Women's sizes.  One half of their store (the "Womens" side) are plus sizes.  I can always find loads of clothes there that are really dressy for work and flattering.   I was pleased to find them here in Charleston - down the street from where I am working- and it was thrilling to find that I am just a size away from moving from the Womens section to the Misses side!

Crossing fingers that the apple day works! 

Day 28: Down just .2 this morning.   Hardly seems worth noting, but the scale is still moving in the right direction. Getting very close to my next goal.   Just 9lbs and I will be there!

Day 27: 208.2 this morning.  Skipped a couple days of writing- very busy getting ready for business trip.  By choice, I got an executive suite with a kitchen that is nice, new and adequate, but not nearly as nice as some of the digs my company has set me up in.   Heading out today to get some groceries so I can prepare my own meals.   Charleston has some great restaurants and food choices which makes being on this diet particularly difficult - not that I am tempted...just that I know I am going to be missing out.    I do have a few days at the end of this trip where I won't be on the strict very low cal part.   I plan to take my team out for dinner and on that night I will indulge sensibly.  Meaning:  No bread, no sugar and portion control.

Until then I am resisting the dozen cookies that were left for me in my room....they smell good- my team will love them!

Day 24: Officially down 25lbs now!  I went through all of my summer clothes and found that what fits me, fits me better than last year and what doesn't fit me...well doesn't fit me because they were too big!   I set aside a few items that I bought or kept from my skinnier days as well.   It will be good to fit into these again.  That day will be here soon!

Day 22:  Met with my Doctor today to talk about the diet.   A very good appointment.  I am going away on a business trip for three weeks so planning for my diet has been really important.   I will be staying in an executive apartment instead of a hotel, so I have a kitchen where I can cook my own food.  I have located a Whole Foods nearby and a store called Earth Fare where I can buy my organic foods.  Now I just need to find a way to carry my little vial of HCG with me.  It has to stay cold.   I am hoping the airline will let me take the little ice pack in my bag. 

Today's weight loss was a little disappointing.   I am up a few ounces.   Yesterday I may have had a little too much protein.    I am not devastated over this.  It was just a little surprising when I got up this morning!  

Day 21: Two major milestones today:  1) I am officially halfway through this diet!  and 2)  (drum roll please....) I was given the go-ahead to stop taking my bp pills.   I had an appointment this morning and my blood pressure was fantastic!

My cardiologist raised some good points that I want to pass on here.   He was pleased that I had lost the weight, but concerned about my method.

I think I have established here that this diet works for me- at least for now- I have no idea what will happen in the next phase.  Will I be able to maintain the weight loss?  Will there be negative side effects that I don't know about today?   My cardiologist stated that he doesn't support or not support this diet..."the truth is that there are a lot of mixed reviews out there and until some good scientific data comes in- lots of questions and skepticism will abound"  

Two things I know for sure:  1) I would not do this diet without my primary doctor's supervision and 2) I am not going to be able to go back to my old ways of eating once I get myself down to a healthy weight.    My doctor's second point : "A good, healthy diet and exercise plan needs to be in my future."   I believe I am already laying those foundations.   I am eating completely organic, really being mindful of portion size and variety of foods.  I am walking each day twice.  I am finding that my energy level is better too- I might actually "feel" like doing more strenuous exercise once my calories are up.     I think these are really good starts.  

Day 20: I am 212.4 this morning and feel like the diet has become second nature for me.   I plan, I portion, I eat, I feel full.  I am going to work today on eating my fruits.  I have never been a big fruit eater.  I didn't have any yesterday and I wonder if my choice to just increase vegetables instead is the right one.   It didn't affect my progress and no one will tell you more veggies is a bad thing...I just wonder if I might be missing something important that the fruit provides.

I didn't post yesterday, but I weighed in at 213.2- and while disappointing and not typical of my previous weight loss on this diet, I have to remind myself that this is still amazing progress.

Day 18: Down just under a pound today to 213.6.   I made an appointment with my cardiologist for Monday to get off the bp pills.   I decided to not take the pill today and my blood pressure has been normal all day.   I felt a heck of a lot better today too- not woozy and out of breath like I was yesterday evening.   I am keeping a good record this weekend to share with the doctor.   I am crossing my fingers my bp stays down.  

Day 17: 214.4lbs today.   My blood pressure has been well in the normal range for over a week now.   I am contacting my doctor today to see if I can go off of the bp pills.   This would be my first major HCG goal accomplished.   I don't like the way the pills make me feel lately.   I measure my bp in the morning before I take the medicine and I feel fabulous.   I take the medicine and I feel a little dizzy.  Hopefully he will agree that I can come off of these as long as I continue to monitor my blood pressure and it stays in the normal range.

Another huge change- and I may have mentioned this previously- is that I am getting a really good night's sleep lately.   I wake feeling very rested and rejuvenated.    I think this diet has really been the right thing for me. 

Day 16: I was down another 1.4lbs today to 215.2.  I spent most of the day hiking my trousers up because they seem to be just a little bigger on me than I recall when I last wore them!   Going to run through my current wardrobe to see what fits - I have a 3-week long business trip coming up to S. Carolina and I am a little concerned about my summer business clothes being too big on me.

One problem I have experienced the last two days is constipation.  I am told this can be common.   I feel better today- made sure to drink my water and had apple for my fruit.

Day 15:  Not too sure why, but I was only down the .6lbs this morning to 216.   Not knocking it- I'm over halfway to my goal and my blood pressure has been in a healthy range the last few days when I take it in the morning before my medication.   I am going to be throwing those things away soon!  My cardiologist will be very pleased next time he sees me.

Had some cod tonight with a homemade salsa- diced tomato, green pepper and onion.   Very tasty!

Day 14: Well, today is 2 weeks down now.   Weighed in at 216.6 this morning and feeling pretty darn good about that.  I have hit the halfway point to my goal of getting under 200lbs.   So I have 28 days to go until I am out of this first phase.  I am not worried about finishing anymore (I will!) and I think 28 days is long enough to take off another 18lbs.  

Day 13:  New scale says 218lbs yesterday must have been just 1lb loss to 219lb - as I said the old scale was really hard to read.  Again I am okay with this. The weight is coming off and I would have never believed a lb a day was possible.   One drawback of this diet is that I am easily tired.   We went grocery shopping - burned all those calories pushing the cart- and I fell asleep on the ride home.     I am sleeping well at night though!

Also, is seems like I cannot get enough apple cider vinegar- I crave it.   I have no idea what this means, but after eating my delicious salad tonight I couldn't help myself by lick the plate!  I am not hungry...just like the taste.  

Day 12: I am down another 2lbs today.  Well - per my current scale, anyway.   We bought a new scale this afternoon and I will start using it tomorrow.  I am so amazed at all the features these new digital scales have - they even calculate your body mass index- WOW!

I worked in the garden today -which is difficult- because I have no calories to burn doing strenuous activities... I kept having to stop and steady myself...finally my husband took over and finished pruning our roses.  I feel bad for not being able to do anything more than supervise, but I did get a big hug from him- he thinks he can almost wrap his arms around me twice (LOL!- I haven't lost that much!)  Tomorrow- weather permitting- we will tackle the hydrangeas!

Day 11: Realized this morning that my current scale is not working for me.   It is hard to read.  The dial is small and the lines are in 2lb increments and I certainly can't read ounces. So yesterday I may have only lost I think I am another 1-1.5.   I am a solid 220 today (maybe even a line below)

I am not overly focused on losing- I know it is happening and will continue to happen.  I just need a better scale.   We added it to tomorrow's shopping list.

I splurged today and bought myself some real crab meat- having a nice crab louie right now...sans everything but the lettuce and a few tomato and cucumber slices.  I made a dressing out of organic dijon (apple cider vinegar, mustard seed and salt), organic apple cider vinegar and fresh organic dill.   Its not too bad. 

Day 10: Hit 220lbs today!  I have all kinds of questions in my head now.  Yesterdays question about dress sizes- from what I can tell it varies by the individual; how much weight you start your fat is distributed.   I will let you know when I get there.    Today's question: Can I continue to do this for another 32 days?  (Answer: I only have to think about today. ;)

Day 9: Knocked off another 2lbs.  Adhered perfectly to the diet yesterday.   Now wondering how many lbs is a dress size?   I may need to go clothes shopping before my upcoming business trip to S. Carolina.   WOOT!  

Day 8: Big ol' Goose Egg today - no weight loss.   I am okay with this.

I cheated a tiny bit yesterday (I really thought it would not impact the diet)  I added a tsp of salad dressing to my salad.   That seems pretty benign and I am not going to beat myself up about it.   Could be that I have just lost so much so quick that my body is making an adjustment today.   I was wondering yesterday if this diet was just a little too strict with what food it allowed.  Zucchini and green beans should be perfectly acceptable diet foods I think.  And is a 2 cups of lettuce with my veggies instead of 1 going to really add anything more than water???  Yesterday I played with this theory, (okay- I should not have added the fattening dressing) and I still don't know the answer.   It is hard to tell whether the impact was the food I ate or just my body.  No worries.  I am still focused.

Day 7: Woke up 10lbs lighter this morning (224lbs!).  Feel good this morning.  I think I am sleeping better at night as well.

Day 6:3 more lbs down (226lbs today)...better day, less hungry.   Ate an apple slowly throughout the afternoon, not sure if this is on the protocol, but I am allowed to have the fruit as a snack in between lunch and thats what I did- I just didn't devour it all at once.    Had some beefalo tonight which was delicious and spinach too.  Lunch was same as yesterday.  Strawberries for dessert- yum.   Is it just me or does food really taste better when it is being rationed?

Day 5:  Lost 2lbs (229lbs today) Started off morning with leg cramps.  But that was forgotten after I weighed in.  Then very sluggish and agitated today.   I was hungry-survived a trip to the grocery store- where I was tempted at every turn.  Bad idea to shop on a Saturday!  Ate some cod cheeks for dinner with asparagus and raspberries.  For lunch I had scrambled eggs with spinach, onion and mushrooms.  Very tasty.   The cup of coffee with Tbsp of milk at breakfast is working well.  I am also trying to drink one mug of green tea each day. The rest of the day I just drink water.   I am hoping that I feel more energy tomorrow.

Day 4:  Lost 3lbs! (231lbs today) Yey! That was nice to wake up to.  A little hungry late in the day, but not unbearable.  Ate my veggies and a ground lamb patty.  Not sure if that was allowed meat wise- but I think it was fairly lean.   Strawberries today.   They taste fabulous when you are really hungry for them too.  Mostly aware today of how much I am thinking about food.  When I go out or travel or want to have friends over- these events are usually combined with eating.   There is such pleasure in that.  I am going to have to think a lot about how to re-frame those social experiences in the future.   Should mention that I also have been doing "walkabouts" each day- getting up twice from my desk and walking for about 15 minutes with a friend.   Nice break from work and sitting in front of a computer all day....also about as much as I can reasonably do exercise wise on such a shortage of calories.   36 days to go!  I am 1/10th of the way there.

Day 3:  Well, I know that the HCG is well into my system, I was up all night with leg cramps....nothing a little extra potassium won't cure.  Today was the first day of the 500 kcalorie diet.  I took my shot, weighed in at the same old weight and then enjoyed a cup of diluted coffee with a tablespoon of milk in it for breakfast.   I have been drinking water all day.  Ate two cups of steamed spinach and a chicken breast nugget (it wasn't very big at all!) for lunch and some raspberries for my afternoon snack.   It is 3:30pm and I feel fatigued and hungry, but I am going to hold off another hour before dinner.    I asked myself today if I can do this for 40 days...I am going to just take it day by day.

Day 2:   The day went well. Started with the shot after weighing myself (234lbs - no weight loss, but I wasn't expecting any so...)  Drank lots of water and  I ate a normal diet, wasn't particularly hungry for dinner.   Felt fine all day.   Prepped food for tomorrow's lunch:  Spinach and chicken.

Day 1:   Today I started the HCG diet.   You may have heard about it.  It involves a very low calorie diet of protein and veggies and the not so pleasant daily shot (via needle...yikes!) of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin- a metabolic controlling hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy.

Initially, I was skeptical that this was right for me.  First, I thought the calorie intake was too low (500 kcal) and second I am not a big fan of shots, synthetic hormones or fad diets. Third- I have a crazy work schedule that has me away from home for weeks at a time and I was concerned about finding a "window" of 40 days where I could focus on doing the diet correctly. 

I made the decision to do this for a few reasons.
  1. It was introduced to me by my naturopath- who I absolutely trust.  She will continue to monitor me throughout the 40 day reboot.  She suggested that I do some research. 
  2. I found lots of information on line.   There are several versions of this diet, including how the medicine is administered and how long you should be on it.  There are do-it-yourself options and  various HCG product forms out there.   I believe very strongly that the version my doctor has prescribed is right.   The HCG is formulated locally- we know what it is and how much is in a dosage.
  3. The HCG hormone encourages your body to mobilize and utilize energy from your adipose fat stores.  It does not strip the body of important lean muscle mass, vitamins or minerals.  It is not recommended that you do this diet for more than 40 days. 
I am giving it a shot (well, 40 shots, actually)  Hoping I can shock my system a little,  kick start my metabolism and get myself focused on some better eating habits.   My biggest goal is to get off of my blood pressure pills before I go to Australia in May.   Ambitious?  Maybe- but it can't hurt to try.

If you are interested in learning more about this diet, check out    I highly recommend that you talk to your doctor too!

How today went:   This morning I got up, weighed myself (234lbs) and gave myself the shot.   Not at all as bad as I thought it was going to be.  In fact it was EASY.   I drank lots of water today, ate my normal diet, but was told to focus on adding a little extra fat by way of cheese, dressing, sauces and chocolate!  (No problem!)    Felt good all morning, but late in the afternoon I started feeling a little head-achy and tired.   Not sure if this is related to the shot, or the weather (I get sinusy when the weather changes), or maybe I needed some any rate: Day 1 is in the bag!