100 Things About Me

  1. am happily married to my best friend, Mr Self Care
  2. like to walk in the park or the woods or along a shore.
  3. have an empty nest- the kidlet has been launched.
  4. don't have cable- so we don't watch network television too much in our home.
  5. love to cook
  6. love to travel
  7. love chocolate
  8. don't like politics
  9. absolutely love my job as a project manager and hope that I can continue to find international projects
  10. think it is better NOT to grow up completely.
  11. hate housework, but don't like a messy house
  12. love all the seasons
  13. love fresh produce and farms
  14. like to be near the water
  15. like to keep things simple
  16. prefer garden plants to cut bouquets
  17. am very good at manifesting my dreams
  18. have a 1, 5 and 10 year plan
  19. like to do nothing sometimes
  20. think I am both left and right brained.
  21. am okay with being alone
  22. love bubble baths - even though I don't have a good soaker tub right now.
  23. could spend a whole day garage saling or antiquing.
  24. love tea sandwiches and little cakes - amuse bouche, tapas...appetizers!
  25. love romantic weekend getaways
  26. think a great evening at home is board games and finger foods
  27. won second place in my first cooking competition
  28. come from a long line of strong independent women
  29. like Martha Stewart
  30. don't like watermelon and cantelope (I wish I did)
  31. am very brave when it comes to trying new food
  32. have no desire to parachute or bungy jump
  33. don't like to be told I can't do something
  34. am a proponent of life long learning.  
  35. am debt free except for our mortgage - our goal is to have mortgage paid off by age 45
  36. have always loved writing
  37. want to have lots of grandchildren
  38. love Christmas
  39. have travelled to England almost every year since 1999
  40. once had tea at the London Ritz
  41. am a late adopter of technology - I am not compelled to go out and buy the latest and greatest gadget.
  42. have a master's degree from University of Washington
  43. am not threatened by other people's success - I like to see people work hard and achieve
  44. love hellebores
  45. make my bed every morning
  46. don't like to have my feet covered - barefoot is beautiful!
  47. prefer a bed and breakfast to tent camping
  48. have never been on a cruise
  49. am proud of my Italian heritage
  50. grew up on a farm
  51. would like to learn to kayak
  52. might someday attend the Cordon Bleu Academy
  53. have not used chemicals on my hair for almost 5 years now
  54. have lost 30 lbs this year and got my blood pressure back in a normal range
  55. love the movie Love Actually
  56. enjoyed the Twilight series
  57. think my husband is the best Barista ever
  58. love to talk to my son and hear his opinion on important issues and hear his music
  59. am not afraid to grow older
  60. don't like large crowds of people
  61. love girl's nights out
  62. love a good challenge- I am quite competitive
  63. think I am very good at understanding and working with people
  64. love 80's music
  65. am quite methodical in my approach to most things- I don't cut corners
  66. tend to procrastinate a little...okay maybe more than a little
  67. am adjusting my view of what I thought my life would be like right now and what I want in the future
  68. love the smell of almond and vanilla.
  69. have champagne tastes
  70. never had fingernails really - I have always bit them- until I started getting regular manicures- and wah-la! I have beautiful nails now!
  71. adopt foster kids for Christmas every year.
  72. think I might get a cat someday -even though Mr Self Care isn't sure he wants a pet.  My neighbor said I could take her wonderful dog for a walk- so I sort of have a dog (vicariously)
  73. tell my husband every day that I love him
  74. prefer to pay for good experiences over paying for material things
  75. like small birds
  76. like historical fiction
  77. began my work career in social work- with children and geriatrics and women.
  78. have been flat broke- subsisted on apples for a whole week and vowed I would not be there again!
  79. am eternally optimistic
  80. believe in intuition
  81. believe in a higher power
  82. have never been intentionally malicious or hurtful as an adult (I wasn't very nice to my little sister growing up though- I have apologized)
  83. always try to do the right thing
  84. am patient
  85. want to be remembered as kind and wise
  86. am loyal
  87. surround myself with people who are positive and supportive
  88. never thought I was very good at math, but surprise myself all the time when it comes to that subject
  89. love holidays and traditions
  90. nag my husband when he drives (I can't help it)
  91. have a dream list of things I want to do in my lifetime
  92. like to take vacations
  93. enjoy a good book store
  94. have siblings
  95. make a menu and a shopping list before grocery shopping each week
  96. love a good chick flick
  97. don't like spiders and snakes
  98. think I could live happily on an island
  99. believe in accountability
  100. am not perfect
Writing this list was probably more enjoyable for me than for the YOU reading it.   I challenge you to write your own and keep it updated.   Defining what you like and don't like on paper is GOOD Self Care...your list will be unique and wonderful JUST LIKE YOU ARE!