Saturday, April 16, 2011

Self Care Girl Loves....Mr Self Care!

To find someone who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reasons, that is the ultimate happiness.  ~Robert Brault

Today is National Husband Appreciation Day!    Because this day coincides with my weekly Self Care Girl Likes post...I could not miss the opportunity to highlight the man of my dreams, my personal barista, my knight in shining armor, my prince charming, soul mate, and best friend.   (It sounds like I have a complete husband harem here, but truthfully my ONE husband is all these things to me)

Self Care Girl Likes  Loves....Mr Self Care.

My gorgeous husband in Maui

Pretty darn sexy, don't ya think?

I met Mr Self Care in 1997 at work.   He left his home in England to work as a contract engineer in the U.S.   His plan was to work for a year and save enough money to go back home and buy a house.   He walked into my office one day and we struck up a conversation.  The rest is pretty much history.  All of his home-buying plans were suddenly thrown out the window.

I was a divorced, single mom.  My son was seven.   I wasn't particularly interested in meeting anyone...well, maybe that isn't completely true.   I had a list of requirements...a very specific and impossible list of traits that I would not compromise on.   Quite frankly, I didn't think that my ideal existed.   Mr Self Care proved me wrong. 

He is a complete gentleman, he encourages me to pursue my dreams, he loves the same things I do- wine, good food, travel. He's romantic.  He picks up after himself. He is hardworking, and most important he really committed himself to caring for my son.

We married in July of 2001 and Mr S.C. became "half" American in 2009.  (He still retains his English citizenship). 

Perhaps the most unique trait my Prince Charming possesses is that he makes a mean cup of coffee.  He worked a short stint as a barista at Starbucks when his contract at my company ended.  And let me tell you... No one makes my favorite latte like he does!

Mr. S.C.  is an important part of my self care exploration. While the goal of self care is to take very good care of yourself, sometimes it is good to have someone around to regularly show you what that means.

Everyone should have someone in their life who loves them unconditionally - someone who cares for you when you aren't doing a very good job of caring for yourself.    Mr Self Care is that someone for me.   I consider myself among the lucky women  in the world.   I really do appreciate having him in my life!

Take Good Care!  (and show that special man in your life some extra love today!)

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MuMuGB said...

A very nice story! Congratulations! My best friend has just been dumped by her British boyfriend, so I thought that all gentlemen had gone!