Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer-izing Your Home

“Home is where you keep your stuff" - George Carlin

I am not a big fan of housework, but I am a big fan of having a tidy and comfortable home.  

We are cleaning house this weekend, moving furniture and doing our best to summer-ize despite part of our home being under renovation.  It really is our last opportunity to complete spring cleaning. 

How does one summer-ize their home?  I read somewhere that in summertime you should create more space by moving furniture further apart and leaving open spaces.  The open areas create a cooler, more carefree environment.  This makes sense when you consider advice from the same source suggests in winter you should do the opposite - pull furniture closer to create warmth and coziness.  

I am also pulling out my summer linens, some lavendar room spray and a few vases for flowers.

How do you summer-ize your home?

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