Saturday, May 1, 2010

Going to my "Happy Place"

“Sometimes the most urgent thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest” - Ashleigh Brilliant

I slept in late this morning after going to bed fairly early last night.    Let me tell you how incredibly good that feels!

The stress level in our home is a little high right now - we had a construction project go bad and we lost a good sum of money in the deal.  I don't want to spend valuable post space going into all the details.   My point really is that sometimes bad stuff happens that is beyond our control and the stress and anxiety it causes can definately take its toll on our health and well-being.  

I think I have been near exhaustion lately.   My body has been sending me clear messages that I need to relax and take good care- and I confess I haven't been listening well.   The rest of our life continues on despite our setbacks and problems-you cannot just stop dealing with work, and managing your home and caring for your matter how much you want to curl up in a ball under a down comforter and take a nap until everything returns to normal.

We are going on vacation to Kauai in a few weeks.  Having this on the horizon is definately a bright spot in our world.   But if we didn't have this (and definately, until I get to Kauai) I believe that it is critical for me to find some way else to get myself to my Happy Place. 

It is so very difficult to implement self care when you are in the midst of a crisis.   This is definately a lesson for me.   This is what I am doing to care for myself:

1) Breathe - deeply and slowly.   Focusing on your breath can help calm you.   Another technique is to inhale through one nostril and exhale through the other.  Do that 10 times and then switch nostrils.
2) Close your eyes and imagine yourself somewhere calm and serene.  Like a beach, or in a boat, lying in a meadow with Edward (for my Twilight friends).  
3) Go somewhere calm.   An art museum, aquarium or antique mall can be just the ticket to divert your attention
4) Escape into a book.  Put on some cozy pjs and grab yourself a pillow and a blanket.   There is nothing wrong with spending a day languishing with a book.
5) Spend some time snuggling with that special someone.  Hug a lot (Hugs help!)
6) Take a nap
7) Meditate
8) Pray
9) Practice Yoga
10) Create a space in your home that is just for you.  Fill your space with several objects that bring you peace and comfort.  Make sure you include something for all of your senses:  a picture of someone you love, a vanilla scented candle, soft music, a comfortable chair, a favorite soft blanket, your chocolat! stash. 

Got any other suggestions?   Please let me know!

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Jen said...

I have been using a technique introduced by my pastor that combines prayer, meditation and breathing. It's as simple as picking what you need, love, help, healing, calm ect...
Then the prayer as you breath in is "Jesus calm me" and as you breath out "Jesus calms me". The addition on that one letter makes a world of differance.