Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Little Spring In Your Step...

"What a wonderful beautiful thing, to wiggle your toes." ~ Dalton Trumbo

I had my third pedicure of the season over the weekend...a little Mother's Day treat for my toes!  I confess that this is starting to become a bit of an addiction for me.   There is just something fabulous about being treated (or treating yourself) to pretty toes.

There is a salon down the street from my home that has the massage chairs with those whirlpool pedi pools.    For $20 I got a full foot massage, complete toe to heel tune up and clean up and a shiny plum colored paint job.   Such a bargain!  The whole process took just less than an hour, but the spring it put in my step will linger for weeks! 

If you haven't had a pedicure before, I encourage you to try it- Pedicures are extremely good self-care! You can pick out a color that makes you happy and when they are done with your ten toe makeover,  you will just feel pretty and ready for some flip flops.

If you are not new to pedicures, but haven't indulged yourself yet this year:  What are you waiting for?   Sandal season is upon us, Ladies!  

Reasons for getting a Pedicure:
  1. You just have to take care of your feet!  You rely upon feet to get you around, it is important to keep them healthy.  Pedicures are essential for good foot health.
  2. Summer.
  3. A million colors of polish with the most creative names are waiting to be sifted through- someone went to all that trouble to identify the shades- the least you can do is put them to good use!
  4. Sandals, flip flops, or just walking around barefoot...pretty toes can make any outfit fancier.
  5. You deserve it.
  6. It is affordable.
  7. It is a great excuse to get the girl's together for an outing.
  8. It will make you happy
  9. It helps the economy
  10. Its just plain old good self care!
I implore you to make your appointment today!   Grab a friend and encourage her to do a little self care too!

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