Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kauai Day 3: Shopping & Tour of East Coast

“Hawaii has always been a very pivotal role in the Pacific. It is in the Pacific. It is a part of the United States that is an island that is right here.” - Dan Quayle

Day 3 on Kauai, we took a drive up the east coast and stopped in at the Kauai Coffee Plantation.   Apart from coffee plants, the plantation has wonderful sweet scented plumaria and other interesting tropical plants abound.   Mr Self Care took some great shots.  

This is the road from our hotel at Poipu Beach up to the main highway.  The cyprus trees form a canopy that covers the roadway for miles.

We were told that the Kauai Coffee Plantation was a must-see.  It was interesting and the coffee sampling was very nice.   The tour of the plantation orchard was self-guided.

My personal barista, Mr Self Care (aka: Juan Valdez), has discovered that there are indeed coffee beans in this here plantation.   We were surprised to learn that, left unattended, these bushes could grow into 100 foot trees!

I took a picture of these bushes because I was so impressed by the colors.  The photo doesn't really do it justice.  The plant is bright yellow and red and orange and green.  It looks like a hodge-podge of 3 different plants. 
Mr Self Care took this great shot of plumaria, while I was busy inhaling the plumaria blossoms.  The scent of these was slightly lemony.   Found a flower on the ground and wore it behind my ear for the rest of the afternoon.   These do not look real!  (Gorgeous!)

I think this one is called a "bottle brush" but I am not sure.   We thought it was unique, so snapped a picture of it.
And then we have a delightful "bird of paradise" flower.   This one is on its last leg, but I have always found this plant appealing.

After drinking our fill of coffee, we got back on the road and headed up the coast.   You cannot drive around the whole island, but you can almost get to the NaPali Coast before the road ends.     When the pavement ended, we turned around and drove back toward our hotel.  

We stopped at Koloa Town and walked around the shops there.   We ate lunch at the Shrimp Station  and then headed back to a new mall at Poipu Beach.  The mall is so new that there are only a few restaurants and shops open- it is a very upscale place.   We were very impressed by the "living foods" market place.   It is a grocery store/coffee shop/deli.   Picked up some more suntan lotion and decided that we might come back tomorrow to get cheese and salad items for a nice lite dinner.

It was pretty warm out, by the time we finished shopping we were really ready for a dip in the pool and ocean..   We are planning to spend tomorrow on the beach with snorkle gear.

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