Monday, May 17, 2010

Kauai Day 2: A Quiet Day of R&R at the Hotel

“As I gaze upon the sea! All the old romantic legends, all my dreams, come back to me.” - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Woke up our first day in Kauai and had an espresso (another "perk" at this hotel: espresso machines in every room) and sat out on the Lanai watching the waves.  

Also included in our stay is daily breakfast at Red Salt.   Mr S.C had the eggs benedict and I had the pancake souffle...
The souffle pancakes were incredibly light and fluffy- not heavy at all- served with bits of pineapple, creme fraise and both maple and guava syrup.

The agenda for today:  Beach and Pool time.  We decided after a long day travelling yesterday that a little R&R at the hotel was in order.  Here is the beach in front of our hotel.  The sand is pink...the water is turquoise...the mood is: Aloha

Getting my feet wet:

Mr Self Care hangs 10 (lost his board apparently) :

The pool where we spent most of the day - Goal: do not get too drunk or too sunburned on the first day.

I had a wonderful roasted beet salad from the pool bar...pistachios, blue cheese crouquets and a mustardy vinigarette...

Mr S.C. had the turkey panini.  He wasn't very impressed with it.  (However a very buff guy at the bar strongly recommended it - we figured it did probably taste better than the protein shakes that  presumedly were a staple of Mr Universe's diet)

I took a quick SPA break after lunch.   My lower back was really playing up after sitting so long on the airplane yesterday.    This was not a relaxing massage at all!  It was a painful deep tissue torture session.   But I did feel better afterwards.

I had an interesting Macadamia nut liqueur and Kahlua coffee drink to console myself (sadly I drank it so fast that we didn't photograph it...but I am sure we will have another opportunity soon)

We ventured out of the hotel for dinner at Brennecke's Beach Broiler- the place looks quite casual, open air seating which overlooks a popular ocean front park.  The dinner menu was small, but the range of food was impressive   I opted for the Kahlua Pork Nachos, which were very casual faire....(RECOMMEND!)

My Better Half enjoyed a more upscale entree,  a ginger crusted Opah (which he said was "quite nice")

Spending the day at the ocean and pool was just ticket for us.  Our itinery for Day 3:  Shopping and the Kauai Coffee Plantation.  Stay Tuned!

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