Monday, December 31, 2012

Things I want to do in the 2013

Here is my to-do list of 25 Things I want to accomplish in the new year. 

Research shows we are 80% more likely to reach our goals if we write them down.   Research also shows that we are more successful if we focus on one clear goal at a time. (I will have to keep this in mind). 

I will provide monthly status on my progress...
  1. Run a 5k
  2. Take a Tropical Holiday
  3. Hike to Lake Annette and camp
  4. Go Kayaking
  5. Lose 50lbs
  6. Get 10,000 fans on Self Care Girl
  7. Simplify everything I can
  8. Make a Sourdough starter and bake our bread, instead of buy
  9. Continue to maintain Debt Free lifestyle (Focus on mortgage pay down)
  10. Grow an herb garden
  11. Go Sailing
  12. Sew something
  13. Use my Art Supplies
  14. Begin writing book
  15. Be the most amazing Matron of Honor EVER
  16. Go at least 4 times to see Jake's band play
  17. Remove the Mercury from my mouth
  18. Switch to healthier household cleaners
  19. Read 12 Books (1 per month)
  20. Replace my old furniture.
  21. Remodel the Rental Property
  22. Re-read Decision Modeling Text Book
  23. Eat Better - Learn more about (and incorporate) more Raw and Fermented foods
  24. Take Weekend Away with My Sister
  25. Unplug on Sundays

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