Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Let Me Eat Cake

This brilliant picture is by Kelli Nina Perkins.  http://ephemeralalchemy.blogspot.com/2011/07/let-me-eat-cake.html

Woke up early this morning, first day of 2013.

I made myself a cup of coffee and reached into the fridge for a slice of leftover Egg Nog & Rum Bundt cake.  (Breakfast of Champions...)

"Hold it!" My annoying, meddling, do-gooder side interrupted as I sunk my teeth into the cake.
"What?!" I mumbled back...mouth full...innocent...but clearly, BUSTED!
 "Its the first day of a new year!" Do-gooder exclaimed in disbelief
"Uh-huh" I chewed a little and gulped...so guilty. 
"So...how is this year going to be different from every other year?"
I stopped chewing..stared at the cake...and I realized the truth of the matter "It's not."

I fully expect that this year will be exactly like every other year since I cognitively started tracking my years, and change, and bad habits.

Miraculously, over the past few decades, I have managed to improve more than decline...just maybe not always in ways that I envisioned.

This year will not be any different.    I will struggle with my diet and won't want to exercise.  My metabolism will continue to slow as I age.   I will continue to struggle with my weight.    I will incorporate some very good things and I will eliminate some bad things too.   I will try.   I will have set -backs.  I will have successes. I will try again. 

When it is all said and done...I will still -occasionally- want cake. 

One thing is for certain:   I really don't want 2013 to be all about whether or not I should have my cake and eat it too.  (Of course I should!)

Take Good Care!
Self Care Girl

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