Wednesday, December 12, 2012

31 Days of 'Elf Care, Tip #12: It Is Ok For You To Have Everything You Want

I am the first to admit that I am a little bit spoiled rotten.

It wasn't always like this.   I used to just dream about being spoiled rotten.  

I wanted to travel, and to have a nice home, and a nice car, and a nice husband...a garden, a good paying career, a happy healthy child, a good computer, to lose weight, a Master's degree, to fly business class, a closet full of nice clothes and a cat.

My life completely changed when I realized a few very important things:
  • You can have anything you are willing to focus on and work for (in fact it is the best way to get what you want- when you work for something you want you have time to consider if it is really what you want...and you appreciate it more because you worked for it.)
  • You don't have to settle for less than you want
  • If you surround yourself with people who do what you want to do, and have what you want to have, not only will they show you its possible to do it and have it, but they might also show you how!
  • Reconsider any relationships you have with people who don't believe in you, your dreams or your ability or right to have what you want (especially when you are willing to work for it or earn it)
  • Recognize that sometimes you do have to make a choice between two things you want (in my case...the nice husband or the cat, LOL!)

 I am proud to say that I have everything I want...except for the cat.  

 Make your list, and then choose one thing on it to aim for in the new year.  

Take Good Care
Self Care Girl
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French Whisk said...

This was an important thing for me to learn as well. It's ok to want things and it's ok to achieve those things. What makes it really delicious is loving yourself along the way.