Monday, December 3, 2012

31 Days of 'Elf Care Tip #3: Remove Your Expectations

Things rarely go as we imagine they will.  

We worry needlessly that something will go wrong, or dread something bad will happen...and then it doesn't...  

Or we envision a Norman Rockwell kind of holiday where everything is perfect and lovely, then we work our butts off because we believe we can and must achieve this unrealistic, impossible ideal...and then the reality strikes...something breaks, or gets overcooked, or the kids are misbehaving, Uncle Max gets drunk again, your mother and aunt get into an argument, or (fill in your own family/life/holiday drama here)....and the whole holiday feels ruined. 

This year, instead of imagining how things can be or might about just removing your expectations completely.   Let go!  Focus instead on the things that really matter and just enjoying moment by precious moment exactly as it occurs.   

A few examples of where to put your focus:

1) You are surrounded by imperfectly perfect people who love you
2) You have a warm house and a tree/ electricity/ furniture/ stuff
3) Aunt Bess made your favorite sugar cookies
4) The kids are going to have unique memories of family holidays when they grow up (Even if Uncle Max gets drunk and knocks over the tree, and especially if their grandma and aunt start pulling hair...sadly)
5) You are relaxed and having fun- watching the memories unfold.  (Better - and easier- than forcing those memories into tight little "joyful"packages, right)

It can be wonderful and NOT be perfect.  Trust me on this, okay?

Take Good Care
'Elf Care Girl

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