Monday, May 2, 2011

The Splurge


“I am not a glutton - I am an explorer of food” - Erma Bombeck

Hot Date Cake with Banana Ice Cream, Butterscotch and Salted Pecans.    It was not my birthday, nor anniversary, not a late Easter....or early was just pure gluttony.    An overindulgence.   A visit to my old, not-so-healthy, habits.



We dressed fancy for the occasion.  My one consolation is that my "little-r" black dress still fit comfortably at the end of the night, even though my skin felt definitely tighter around the mid-section.

I had been wanting to visit Poppy for over a year and it was a fabulous meal! Duck, Salmon, herbs, spices...a powerful cocktail...and the Hot Date Cake that I ate even though I was already full...even though I had sworn off sugar and starches...and convinced myself that I could just try one bite.  

I woke yesterday morning at a fabulous 201.8 lbs (less than 2lbs from my 199 goal).   This morning the scale is a stubborn 203.8.   It will not budge...I have checked it 5 times. 


Was it worth it?  Well, I have decided it is....on the one condition that I get right back on my plan today and avoid another occurrence of shear foodie abandon (at least until we have a special occasion to warrant it (June 3rd is Mr SC's birthday).

Here is the deal...I knew what I was doing, and I knew what the consequence would be.   (And here I am- living out that destiny)   I am committed to learning how to balance my healthier lifestyle with these periodic splurges.   I find both states pleasurable- really I do!  I just know that the healthier lifestyle needs to happen 98% of the time.   My foodie side is saying "2%!!!!  that is not a fair balance!!"  but, honestly, I think I can live with that.  


Today's menu:  Salad.  

Today's agenda: 5.5 mile walk around the park.  

It's all good!


Wanda said...

It is perfectly ok to indulge once in a while!! If we totally deny ourselves then it sets us up for failure. We know the consequences..we know what we did "wrong"...but the important part..we know how to fix it :) I am glad you enjoyed :)

Self Care Girl said...

Thank you, make a really good point. I know that I said to myself "no more chocolate ever", foremost in my mind would be chocolate until I broke that stupid rule! I am eating an apple this morning and my healthy meals are planned out for the week. Yesterday was for my soul...this week is about my body.