Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Does Anyone Ever Read These Posts?

Silence is a text easy to misread.  
~A.A. Attanasio

I don't think I am the only blogger to ever wonder this.    

The post on the Self Care Girl blog with the highest number of hits is one I wrote over a year ago about the importance of celebrating a regular Date Night with your significant other.   It didn't take me long to realize that the traffic to that post was solely directed by the photo I chose of Disney's Lady & the Tramp.   I would like to think that an occasional wayward surfer actually took a moment to read my blog, but judging by the comments on that particular post  (zero comments), I cannot gauge inspiration, exasperation nor apathy.
In the beginning it is thrilling to find that someone found your blog interesting enough to "follow" it or leave a comment.   Nobody has to know that the one friend who likes your blog is your Mom, or your sister, your best friend or YOU personally, for that matter (if you write under an alias).  

And this is true of most posts, really.  More often than not I get what I optimistically refer to as "silent applause."
Occasionally, I will receive a sign that a particular post touched a nerve (a direct comment on the blog or on the link I place on facebook).  Often I will speak with someone who out of the blue tells me "oh- that post on (insert topic here)...I could really relate to that!" or, "I love your blog - it really reminds me that I need to take care of myself better".  I have had a few posts re-posted by others, and an invitation to provide regular content on another very inspirational site.    This kind of feedback is always encouraging.
However, I think it is important to keep blogging in perspective.   I started this blog for many reasons:  to inspire other women to take care of themselves;  to practice my craft (I love to write); because I am passionate about my own self-care; to explore my own interest in social media; to provide something positive and selfless to the world.     

The point of this post (and I do have one) is that the feedback you receive (or lack there of) should not silence your purpose or your voice.
Putting yourself out there- expressing your thoughts and ideas- takes courage.   Not everyone will agree with you and there will certainly be people who just don't care enough about what you think to comment.  This is okay.  It does not reflect your worth as a human being...or the value of your thought.  

So far, no one has attempted to silence me....sometimes that IS the best you can hope for!  (Although I find the idea of expressing some dangerous and earth shattering idea somewhat alluring...hmm...)
In my opinion, there is nothing more worthless than a thought NOT expressed.  (The caveat -of course- is that you should aim to keep damaging thoughts under some control here).   What goes on in your head is of little consequence if it is not expressed or transformed into an action.   Sharing ideas allows us to connect with others.  It allows you to express your existence.  And, quite frankly, your opinion matters more than you may think it does.   


Wanda said...

I read them ALL!! But my typing sucks and although I have MANY thoughts and comments..I find myself overwhelmed at the idea of typing it all out! By the time I go back and correct my typing mistakes..and then the possibility of hitting the wrong key and it all DISAPPEARS!! YIKES!! My dream is to get voice recognition software for the computer..then I can blab on and on. LOL That could be scary...maybe it is better this way. I really enjoy the blog..I follow a few of them... I will try and add more feedback..soon I will be unemployed so I will have tons of time :)

P.S.you have no idea how long it took me to type this :)

Self Care Girl said...

I absolutely adore you Wanda!

Wanda said...

awwww..got me blushing....LOL Nice to be adored..now we really must meet someday :)

Bailey said...

Are you posting on other blogs that are following you? I find that when my comments follow off it tends to be because I have neglected the relationship. People will read my blog, but they also expect that if I am following their blog that I am reading and commenting, too.

Jenn said...

I read them, but I usually read your posts in my Google Reader because that way I can conveniently read everything I want to follow in one place. If I'm on FB when you post something, then I'll usually click the blog link and read it, and I try to make sure I leave you feedback on FB (although that account isn't linked to my Google account).

I love reading your posts, they make me think about what I am (or, more realistically, am NOT) doing to take care of myself. Your blog helps me see areas I can improve and gives me some things to think about. I love it! :)

Self Care Girl said...

Good point, Bailey. Thank you - it is about relationship building I completely agree.

Self Care Girl said...

Thank you Jenn - I appreciate that feedback!

Self Care Girl said...

Just one note: I think my post wasn't completely clear.

My true message here is that it is important to express yourself! Even if you don't get a response. Even if people disagree with your point of view. A thought or idea or perspective is fairly useless unless it is expressed.

As I said before- I do get a lot of verbal feedback and comments on facebook. I can also see the traffic to the blog. That is enough to reinforce my mission.

I do appreciate it when you post a comment, but I realize many people read the blog, hopefully gain something good from it and then move on to gather more valuable information. It is just how we operate in this high tech- info age! Its OK!

Annabelle said...

I tend to assume that no one's really reading my blog... and then am pleasantly surprised when someone I know mentions that they liked a particular entry! It always feels great to get feedback, but before I started blogging, I almost never commented on anyone else's.

So I know what it's like to really enjoy a blog and read it all the time, but never comment!

Gladys said...

You're reading my mind... I'm glad to know I'm not the only blogger who sometimes thinks I also have a "silent audience" but I''m always pleasantly surprised and grateful when I receive comments. And, I agree with Bailey who reminds me of the importance of following and posting on others' blogs.

The Eclectic Ark said...

If I hadn't added sitemeter to my blogs, I would think no one was ever reading them as I hardly ever recieve comments. It's frustrating sometimes to spend hours on your posts and photos and no says anything about it. I try and keep in perspective by remembering that I started these blogs as my own digital diary of sorts and if anyone finds some information or inspiration then that is bonus. I will keep writing, but it wopuld sure be nice to hear back from people now and again.

Anonymous said...

i follow you. read all your blog posts and follow ur facebook page as well :)