Friday, May 6, 2011

Self Care Girl's Day Off

“Don't work your life away” -paraphrased by my hairdresser, Teri, who was given this advice by a co-worker before he passed away from cancer.   Teri now spends her days in Hawaii- in shorts and in lots of sunshine.  She is an inspiration!

Let the Friday Happy Dance Begin!

I took the day off today.  Early Sunday morning I fly out for a short business trip, and quite frankly, the thought of spending another day in the office completing paperwork was sending my soul into despair mode.   So I am following my gut today and I do believe that taking a day off is exceptionally good self care!

I have nothing planned, but a list of 10 things I could do:

  1. Get a manicure and pedicure
  2. Fit in a 5.5 walk
  3. Browse the local "antique" shops
  4. Go to the outlet for some clothes shopping
  5. Donate off all the clothes I have grown out of at the local Good Will
  6. Sleep in
  7. Do some yoga
  8. Do laundry and then pack for business trip next week. 
  9. Buy some plants and do some gardening
  10. Meet a girlfriend for lunch.
 I love days like this...filled with all kinds of possibilities and choices...or absolutely NOTHING...the choice is mine. 

When was the last day you had at your own whim?   What would you do if you had the day off?

I implore you to plan one is too short to not take a day off now an then.

Take Good Care!

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