Saturday, May 14, 2011

Self Care Girl Likes...

“As long as there's a few farmers out there, we'll keep fighting for them.” - Willie Nelson

Self Care Girl Likes:    Her Local Farmer's Market.

The Market season is here!

Mr Self Care and I were driving home from work on Thursday discussing what to have for dinner.  We had some organic chicken sausages, but we were completely out of vegetables.   Both of us had just returned from business trips and we hadn't had a chance to replenish our healthy food supply.     We were tired from a long day at work too, so neither of us were in the mood for grocery shopping.  

It dawned on me as we pulled into old town Snohomish that it was "market day".    Every Thursday evening from May to October, local farmers, bakers, beekeepers, soap makers, spice mixers, florists, artsy-types, etc etc etc...come together to sell their wares at the farmer's market.    We stopped in, grabbed some asparagus (grown in my hometown on the other side of the mountains- yey!), browsed a little, and then went merrily on our way.  The dinner problem was solved!

When you visit a farmer's market, you not only support your local farmer, but you get the freshest, in-season, food your money can buy.   

The fabulous website has a great little search tool to help you locate your nearest market.

Take Good Care!


Beth @ To the Fullest said...

I LOVE FARMERS MARKETS!! That is all. :)

inder said...

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Self Care Girl said...

I agree inder...Yoga is excellent self care!

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