Monday, March 28, 2011

The Best Way To Accept A Compliment

"A simple 'Thank you' will suffice." - Melinda Casey (my BFF, when a compliment she made was not accepted in the best way)

The best way to accept a compliment:

1) Smile.
2) Make eye contact with the compliment "payer"
3) Say "Thank you."
4) If someone helped you become so compliment-able, give them some credit too!

Do Not Under Any Circumstance:  

1) Counter a positive assessment of you with a negative thought or comment.  (compliments should never be poo-pooed!)
2) Take all the credit for doing something awesome if you had any help at all.  (Give propers where necessary- "Thank you, I had a lot of help...." is a good way to accept and acknowledge)
3) Allow yourself to not believe the compliment is true!

You are awesome...and beautiful...and wonderfully unique!


Mellie said...

I'd add that being able to deliver an authentic compliment at just that right moment feels great too! Taking the moments to slow down and really give acknowledgement the little things in others around us is a gift to ourselves too. :)

Mellie said...

I spent the day with my best friend yesterday. She is a gift..and I am so thankful to have shared so many meaningful experiences with her over the years. I compliment her for just being her...cuz she's amazing and I'm proud to be called her friend!!!

Self Care Girl said...

I love you, friend. I enjoyed yesterday too!