Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Thing At A Time

Multi-tasking: Screwing everything up simultaneously.  -unknown

Multi-tasking is actually something most women do very well.   If you think about the roles and capabilities of  women- especially mothers- the ability to multi-task is an amazing and essential gift.  

The technology age is built upon our society's need for efficiency in everything.  Technology allows us to increase our capability and our speed to get things done. 

Those who are effective at delivering results in a fast and flawless manner are highly revered.  So it is no surprise that many of us live, breath, and cannot function without our I-phones, text messaging, and facebook.    In theory, technology should actually create more quality time in our lives, but the reality is we don't unplug when the work is done and many of us allow our quality time to be encroached upon by technology more today than it ever has been before.  

The purpose of this post is just to increase mindfulness on this topic.  

There is real value in becoming focused on a singular task at hand- seeing it through from start to perfect completion.

There is real value in unplugging ourselves from machines regularly and completely (at least once a day, maybe even a full day each week and especially when on vacation).  Just imagine the difference in your life,  if you could capture that plugged in time and lavish it instead on another human being in your life... or luxuriously spend some undivided attention on yourself. 

Your full attention is a greater gift, than your ability to multi-task. 

Just my thoughts!


Solane Star said...

Good Morning Self Care Girl,

I find your writings to BE wonder-FUL-ly HEART warming and inspirational UP-lifting my dear.

Thanks for sharing & providing others with your truly inspiring writings.

Many Blessings to You

Solane Star from

Self Care Girl said...

Thank you Solane Star- I love your website too!