Monday, March 7, 2011

Solving the Monday Problem

“Sometimes it pays to stay in bed in Monday, rather than spending the rest of the week debugging Monday's code” - Dan Salomon

A recent facebook discussion on the difficulty everyone seems to be having with Mondays has got me thinking...and I thought that this would be a great post for this week's Mental Health Monday blog.

A few random facts about Monday...
  1. We get one every week, 4-5 every month and 52-53 per year....whether we like it or not. 
  2. Mondays are reportedly the least productive work day of any given week. 
  3. Monday is the most popular day to commit suicide, call in sick, and surf the web in the Netherlands
  4. The name "monday" means "day of the moon"
  5. Your probability of having a heart attack in the United States is higher on Monday than any other day of the week.
With such a notorious reputation, it is really no wonder why Monday is so poorly received.   You are probably wondering -as I am- how I could even begin to address this issue.

A few ideas I had about changing Mondays ...and the reason it may not work...
  1.  Lead a movement to boycott Mondays.   Of course this will take a lot of money and maybe even some serious lobbying whereby we will need to convince congress to write and pass a bill (come to think of it this sounds like something that may be right in line with the type of bill congress favors.)  A change to the U.S. Constitution will have no benefit whatsoever for our Canadian friend, Wanda.
  2. Ignore Mondays.  We do run the risk that Tuesday will become the new Monday, but maybe if we don't give Monday any more of our energy we will have even more energy when Tuesday comes to deal with it.
  3. Make Mondays more pleasant by developing routines that you can enact throughout the day that make you happy.   Make Monday your triple shot, full fat, extra chocolatey, extra tall mocha with whip day....add sprinkles if you must.    Don't you dare pass up that delicious pan au chocolat pastry or nice maple bar with slice of bacon on top either.   On Monday we eat for our souls and not for our bodies.    No one is expecting Monday to be productive either, so get up and stretch more, spend a little more time at the water cooler.   I think Monday will soon be your favorite day.
Ladies and Gentleman (I have one guy who follows this post), I think we have our winner.....#3?

Wanda- this is the best I could do...what do you think?

***Artwork of Coupon for Monday off is from   (Yes it is expired - sort of typical for Monday isn't it?)


Wanda said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! thanks sooooooooooooo much...makes THIS Monday a whole lot BRIGHTER!!

now off to have snack...maple bar any one???

kitkat said...

ironically, monday is one of my best days of the week :p
i like seeing my crush at school after not gettin to see him during the weekend :/
i know i'm pathetic lol

Self Care Girl said...

That used to keep me going too when I was in school, kitkat- So,I don't think that is too pathetic. LOL!

Now that I am working and married, I want to get home so I can see my husband. There aren't any other cute guys at my work anyway- they are all very nerdy engineers. 8)