Monday, June 28, 2010

Count The Steps and Not The Pounds

“I think of my body as a side effect of my mind.” -Carrie Fisher

Yesterday, Mr Self Care and I got out of bed early to take a 6 mile walk in the park.   I got my exercise clothes on, washed my face and quickly jumped on the scale.  

Much to may dismay...the scale did not budge.   I expected that after walking 42 miles over the last week,  I would see a loss of at least 2lbs.  This seemed like a conservative estimate too.  I took a moment and composed myself, but for the first lap of our walk I was troubled: What do I have to do to lose 2lbs?  (For crying out loud??????)

My answer came- like most answers do- while walking it out.  

This walking program I started two weeks ago has been so good for me in so many ways.   I took a moment to think about the benefits I was already enjoying...
  • I am proud to say that I have walked approximately 90 miles in two weeks.   This is -based on my previous sendentary lifestyle- a whopping 500% increase in activity for me.  
  • Mr Self Care and I are spending quality time together for at least 2 hours every evening.  Talking, holding hands, and just plain enjoying each other's company.
  • My body aches all over, but it is a "good pain" - the kind that comes when you know you have had a good work out!
  • I am in the park, breathing fresh air, enjoying sunshine (when it shows itself) and nature.
  • I have been spending extra time sorting out thoughts and feelings and coming up with some very good solutions and ideas in the process.
  • We have become a bit more aware of our community.   Early weekend mornings, there are several fishing guide companies that launch from the boat launch behind our home (didn't know that!).  Also, I am so to touched by the family time spent in the park.
All this and it seems pretty silly to get worked up over two pounds.  Weight loss is a horrible measure of physical self care.   Too many factors come into play that affect our physical make up.   You cannot rely on the scale; you can only control your activities.   Count the steps you take and not the pounds you lose!  My body feels different - more muscular in places and a little less fat in others- so I know that something in me is shifting.

Perhaps the most important shift, however, is the one I am making in my way of thinking:   Do not get so focused on a particular destination that you overlook the other benefits your journey is providing.

Take Good Care!

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Dan said...

You are also gaining muscle, which is more dense than fat. So you may be burning fat and replacing the weight with muscle, which is good! Keep doing what you are doing, it is good for you and Mr. self care.