Thursday, June 10, 2010

Self Care Girl's Day Off!

 “The best cure for an off day is a day off” - Frank Tyger

I took a sick day from work today...(mostly because I am a bit sick of going there.)  =)

While I am certain that is not what the Board of Directors had in mind when sick leave was established, you will not find me making any apologies or excuses. I work hard and I get burned out easily.  When I need a day off to get my head straight,  I take it.
This blog is about self care, and good self care means sometimes taking a mental health day.

So today, when Mr Self Care kissed me goodbye and headed off to his cubical, I rolled over and went back to sleep.

I slept in. I did my morning yoga. I ate a healthy breakfast.  I am contemplating not getting out of my pajamas today.  And really I am already feeling much better.

If you have not taken a mental health day in a while (or ever) I highly recommend it.

Here is the secret Self Care Girl technique for taking a much needed mental health day from three short steps:

  1. Choose a day when you are not likely to impact work too badly. Nobody is going to do your work for you- it will be there when you return...unless, of course, you work in an environment where someone will have to fill in for you- in which case you must return the favor on the first opportunity that presents itself. (that is only fair). If you have kids- get a sitter (unless spending the day with the kids will be beneficial to your mental state). If you do NOT  have the optimal "light" day in your work week to choose from , then might I suggest that your need for a mental health day is more critical than you think. The best time to take a break is when you don't think you have time for one!
  2. Email your boss ( this is the best form of communication for slipping under the radar). A quick and honest "I won't be in today, I am taking sick leave " in the subject line is all that is required. Avoid making excuses and don't send a message in the body of the email! Short and sweet is your aim. If you were really sick you wouldn't feel like explaining yourself right? So don't. Tomorrow, just tell anyone who seems to care (only those who ask fit in this catagory) that you are feeling much better after getting some much needed rest.
  3. This day is all about you...It is not a day to catch up on housework or pay bills. Instead, sleep in a little late, go for a walk, mediate, meet a girlfriend for coffee, engage in your favorite hobby, take a bubble bath, read a good book.
Mental Health Days are good for you!


Jenn said...

I had one of those jobs where you feel like you can never leave. It's a good thing I had to leave it or I'd probably be in a straight jacket by now! BTW, I love Ferris Bueller's Day Off! :)

Self Care Girl said...

Agreed- life is too short and we spend too many hours of our lives at work to not like what we do!

Blue Sky Farm said...

Good advice...pamper the princess I say! Staying in jammies all day is real luxury ...for one thing its one day you dont have to think about makeup. You can feel comfy all day!