Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 10: I Made Some Comfort Food

“Onion soup sustains. The process of making it is somewhat like the process of learning to love. It requires commitment, extraordinary effort, time, and will make you cry.” - Ronni Lundy

Yesterday was a rainy, windy, miserable day here.   Perfect for making soup.   

I love to cook; to try new chop celery  and carrots and onion and pancetta and garlic!  I love the smell of good food cooking on the stove top.     And, I also love to engages all of the me it is just fabulous self care!

If I had more time I would probably start up my food blog again....unfortunately, (or fortunately, if you consider that saying NO to being overwhelmed is just good self care)  I have left my cooking blog long neglected.   I still cook...I just don't write about it. 


You can check out my old blog here:  My Home Cook N Blog



 Did you practice some good self care today (is there such a thing as "bad" self care, really? Hmmm)   Let us know!


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Kara said...

It is DEFINITELY a soup day here today. I have some left-over spaghetti meat sauce that I'm going to make into a soup for dinner.