Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 5: Booked A Vacation Home

There is no place like home!  - Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz

Yesterday I booked a flight home for a 2 week holiday.   I am quite looking forward to getting home and sleeping in my own bed, cooking in my own kitchen, seeing my friends and family and driving my own car.  

I am blessed to have my current job.  It is allows me to see the world, spend my days doing what I love and meet some really wonderful people.   I have not been home since early June, though.   That is a long time to be away. 

While I was gone, Mr SC had rooms painted, finished a huge renovation to put in french doors out to our back deck and had the exterior trim and garage door touched up.    I missed seeing my roses bloom, blueberry season and the first crop of apples on our little apple tree.  

Going home is going to be great self care!

Did you do something good for you today?   Let us know!


Exie Bethel said...

“There is no place like home!” – True, but isn’t it also nice to spend some time in a new place to relax and unwind? I still can’t believe you had a two week vacation. Wow! Who was with you? I hope I can afford to have a vacation as long as yours!

Self Care Girl said...

I spent an entire 2 weeks total at my home from June 2011 thru Oct 2012.

When you are away for that long- home feels like a new place to relax and unwind! LOL!

I was also fortunate enough to take some long weekends and vacations in Fiji, New Zealand, and all over Australia. It was a very blessed year.