Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chocolate? Or CHOCOLAT?

Better is the enemy of Good - Voltaire

Earlier this week, my dear Mr Self Care dropped me off at the door of our local candy store, Sweet Indulgence, and instructed me,  "Get in..get out... one box, $20....Go! Go! Go!"   And Operation "Get the girl some chocolate right away" was launched.

If there is a better type of self care than stocking up on chocolates, I seriously do not know what it is.

Salt caramels, rocky road, coconut sticks, Turtles....well, it took no time at all to fill the box, even though my eyes were slightly glazed over and I might have been suppressing drool.

The owner of the shop- no doubt very accustomed to serving women who are in a chocolate frenzy -closed the box calmly and asked cheerfully, "now,  what color ribbon would you like?"

Ribbon?  "Won't the ribbon just impede my access?"  I asked, resisting the urge to grab the box from her and run out the door.   Seriously a $20 box of hand selected chocolates was good enough...I really didn't need a ribbon.

She responded wisely "oh, don't you know...a simple ribbon can turn a box of "chocolates" into... 'CHOCOLAT'!'"

....and with that she grabbed a brilliant pink ribbon and proceeded to expertly tie it into a fancy bow around my box of chocolate treasures.   She handed it to me with a "knowing" smile and sent me on my merry way.

It is true, that without a pretty pink ribbon tied securely around that box...I might not have made it home with all my chocolate in tact.   (And -truthfully, I don't know if  Mr Self Care would willingly drive me back to the chocolate shop for more chocolate after bringing me home from the chocolate shop to get chocolate.)   But that is not the point...

It is true, CHOCOLAT! just tastes 100x better than chocolate.

When I got home, I placed that ribbon tied box on my night stand.   There is something just sacred about it sitting there, so decadent, and sort of special.   Clearly this is not chocolate for devouring, it is CHOCOLAT! for savoring.   A single piece taken slowly...once (or twice) per day is heaven.

There is a wonderful lesson here that I thought would fit well in a Self Care Girl post:

It is good to add a little "pizzazz" to your life whereever you can.  My mother places her dish washing soap in a pretty decorative bottle next to her sink.     Light candles when you take a bubble bath.    Add a few drops of lavendar scent to your pillow when you go to bed at night.   A single fresh flower on the bathroom counter is a great way to say "good morning" to yourself each day.    Find something that you do each day and think of ways to do it fancier!

Sometimes self care is just as simple as adding a pink ribbon.

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