Friday, June 10, 2011

The Official Self Care Girl Guide To Being Queen

“It's all to do with the training: you can do a lot if you're properly trained.” - Queen Elizabeth

This weekend is the celebration of Queen Elizabeth's birthday.

Her actual birthday is in April, but a June date was selected centuries ago for this regal affair, supposedly, to increase the likelihood of blue skies, sunshine and bird's singing.    All should be right with the world on such a momentous occasion, afterall.

This is the birth date held by whomever the reigning English monarch is.   Commonwealth citizens around the world will get a three day weekend (although I learned yesterday that different Australian states celebrate the birthday on different dates.  And I cannot confirm this...but I highly suspect that the Queen - wanting to be celebrated multiple times throughout the year, may have had a hand in this).

At any rate, pomp and circumstance will reign in London and 3 day weekends will abound and certainly, the Queen will be enjoying a full agenda of celebration, a nice meal, a new outfit, a present or two…and maybe even a nap. 

To commemorate this important day- the birth of a monarch- we are declaring that all Self Care Girlfriends everywhere should also be celebrated as Queen's on this day as well.   Being treated like the royal being you are is just very good self care!

Now, to ensure that this declaration is easily carried out (We "Queens" shun all things tedious, afterall)   Self Care Girl (your Fairy Godmother Extraordinaire) has put together this simple Queen guide to ensure a seamless transition as you are transformed from "awesome everyday woman" to "most regal and revered Birthday Queen."

The Official Self Care Girl Guide to Being Queen:

The Very Secret "Transformation To Queen" Step:

The first step in being Queen, is to believe -with all your heart-that you are capable and deserving of that title.   (and YOU ARE because being Queen IS a birthright!)  Look in the mirror, raise your head high, adopt a proud demeanor and give yourself a regal and approving nod!

There you go.....You are Queen!  And now you are ready to go about planning your royal day....

One Very Important Rule for being Queen for A Day:

1) There are no rules...well, none that aren't put forth by her majesty anyway.

That being said….You may prefer to celebrate in any way you choose.  You may choose, and then exercise your Queenly perogative to change your mind half way through if a particular decision no longer suit you...and then- without a fuss- choose something completely different.

If you don't know quite where to begin...well, we have a guide for that too! 

10 Very Queen-Like Activities for Queen's Who Don't Quite Know Where to Begin

Making royal decisions all day can be exhausting work, so I have ordered a compilation of 10 very Queen-like activities to ensure that YOU are properly equipped to celebrate your important day.
  •  Buy yourself a cupcake…buy one for yourself and one for your best friend (or daughter…or sister...or mom).  Let them know that you are celebrating you and them and Queen's everywhere.  
  • Procure a tiara.   Nothing says "Queen" like the right piece of headdress bling.     
  • Practice your wave…then wave away all domestic duties goodbye  (That sink full of dishes…that pile of laundry.  Unfortunately these WILL all be here tomorrow, but there's no need to allow these trivial things to mess up OUR royal day.)
  • Refer to yourself in the plural.  "We" and "Us" are appropriate pronouns today.  These convey consensus; agreement;  full backing of your decisions; (Believe me, no one will even question that your minions of supporters are imagined).  Practice this and see how effective it is. (to anyone in your home who will listen:) "WE will not be doing (insert mundane household task here) today!",   (to your spouse:) "No dinner is being prepared tonight, but WE do hope you will join US for dinner at (insert fancy restaurant here)",  (to your manicurist:)  "WE will be having a French Manicure today…and perhaps a very regal shade of purple on OUR toes"  (to your child) "Today WE are only going refer to mommy as 'Our Queen Mum'"   
  • Buy that bouquet of flowers…the pretty ones
  • Wear your best jewels.
  • Bring out and utilize any special china, flatware, crystal glasses etc...that you have stashed away with an edict to use only for special occasions.   (If this is NOT a special occasion, then I don't know what is!)
  • Do not allow anyone to treat you poorly today (even that little negative voice inside your head should be SILENCED!) 
  • Take a nap if the urge strikes you.
  •  Recognize your "Awesomeness" throughout the day.  This can be a simple statement to yourself quietly, but it is most effective if you proclaim it loudly when you do something marvelous. (and be sure to use that plural pronoun!)  "WE are marvelous today, aren't WE?",  "WE did that well, didn't WE?", "WE are so proud of US" etc...
If you have any additional ideas in support of celebrating in a royal fashion, please add to the comments.

WE hope that YOUR day goes marvelously!

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