Monday, June 27, 2011

Lessons From My Weight Loss

When we lose twenty pounds... we may be losing the twenty best pounds we have!  We may be losing the pounds that contain our genius, our humanity, our love and honesty. 
~Woody Allen
My Before & After pictures:  The picture on the left was taken in November 2010. The picture on the right was taken last weekend

I am not a big fan of Woody Allen, but I do love that quote! 

This weekend, I anticipate celebrating a huge milestone.  I am on the brink of having lost a total of 50 lbs!
I am not sure how I will celebrate yet - but I can tell you I will not be having cake or pizza or a cheeseburger.  I was thinking a nice bouquet of flowers and a massage, maybe a manicure and pedicure would be nice.    I am still actively losing weight and adhering to the strict HCG food plan for another 3 weeks..  I will not be swayed by celebratory cheeseburgers!!  No way!  No how!
But I do have a few weight loss tips to share.  Just a few tid-bits that were important in helping me get going and stay the course:

1) Just do it.   I made excuse after excuse-and quite frankly I felt that my crazy globe-trotting job was a pretty good one! (Its hard to diet when you travel!)  I was waiting for the right time to begin to get healthier until my fabulous cardiologist gave it to me straight "You know, you have been coming here for over 2 years now...I remember you were in grad wasn't a good time for you to make lifestyle changes...then you had a big project you were starting at work....when I saw you again you were headed off to Italy...and then Australia....and then Japan...I think you might want to consider that the time might never be just "right" to start making might be time to just decide to make them anyway."   He paused and waited for my response.  Which I didn't have.   What could I possible say?   He was absolutely right.

2) Talk to your Doc.   I went in specifically to talk about my weight.   I had been walking miles each night after 2 months I only lost 2lbs.   I ate really healthy food 95% of the time.  She referred me to one of her colleagues, who helped me find the right plan for me.   One benefit of the HCG diet is that you get good results fast.  Continuous progress served to reinforce my commitment to the diet each day.  

3) Set a Goal.   My first goal was to impress my cardiologist by getting off of the blood pressure medication.  My second goal was to reach 199.   My current goal is 175.   Celebrate milestones.

4) Plan ahead and set routines.   I would have failed hundreds of times if I didn't have a plan.   Having a good routine helps too- the less thinking you have to do, the better.  I buy groceries once a week with my plan in mind.   Whatever I make for dinner I have for lunch the next day.  My day starts with a cup of coffee and ends with a cup of tea.   I eat an apple or fruit throughout the day to stave off hunger.   There will be lots of temptations: Pizza Day was held in my office last week.  Smelled fabulous! I brought in my ground beef in a tomato sauce on lettuce leaves- it was seriously good (didn't miss the pizza at all!)

5) Get creative.   Spice things up - try some herbs and seasonings  that you haven't had before.   Modify a new recipe to make it  more diet friendly.   I have made an HCG version of pizza, burgers and tacos just by changing the seasoning and using lettuce instead of bread.  The possibilities are endless.

6) Focus on flavor.   Sweet strawberries,  my morning coffee,  Crisp apples.   These have become real treats for me as I appreciate their simplicity.

7) If you fall off the diet, immediately start again.   You don't have to do it perfectly.  Forgive yourself and get back on it.   Set backs don't have to be failures.   Just begin again from where you left off.

8) Clear away temptations.   It is a good idea to get the bad for you foods out of your house.   And stay away from bakeries!  (Bakeries are diet kryptonite!)

9) Celebrate your milestones and achievements.   Reward yourself with non-food items.   A bouquet of flowers, a manicure...

10) Social occasions are about connecting with people...not stuffing your face.   I have survived a handful of parties and gatherings and avoiding temptation is tough.  Go to these with a commitment to focus on the people there.  Eat before you go.  Drink water, tea or other healthy beverage while you are there.

11) Get a good night's sleep!  There is a correlation between how much you sleep and how much you can lose.   Your body needs time to recover from your busy life.  That recovery process burns calories.

12) Belts are your friends...I wore a pair of pants today that was way too big,around the waist.   A good belt made it possible to get one more good day out of those favorite pants!

13)  When you grow out of clothes, donate them

14) If you are actively losing weight, consider buying clothes from your local thrift shop.   I've got two really nice pairs of pants this way and they were $2.99 each.

15) Recognize that you are beautiful and valuable and lovable no matter what your size.   Losing weight should be about getting healthy so that you can share your gifts with the rest of the world for as long as possible.  Love yourself!

Take Good Care!


Lisa said...

Congrats on getting rid of 50 lbs (not lost - because that would mean you're looking for them!)

You look beautiful!

Self Care Girl said...

Thank you, Lisa - I FEEL wonderful!

Kathy said...

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Self Care Girl said...

Thank you for posting, Kathy- I can totally empathize with your experience. I agree too that speaking to your doctor is an important first step!

Good for you, Girl- 100lbs is sensational!

Sea Veg said...

Thanks for shear your own achievement.

Albern said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog post. Very encouraging!!!

Albern said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog post. Very encouraging!!!

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I am on my own journey to getting ride of 45lbs or at least transforming them into muscle :)

You blog is good and hopefully my own will make people interested as well as I am doing it via my own exercise program, changing eating habits, and supplements.

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dreambox sky said...

Thank you for sharing this amazing journey, and these intimate details of your thoughts and feelings. You are a great inspiration! And also, you were beautiful as you are now, but you look much happier and healthier. You will be my personal style for this week.

dreambox sky said...
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