Sunday, June 26, 2011

25 Things That Really Suck...

"Roses have thorns, and silver fountains mud; Clouds and eclipses stain both moon and sun, And loathsome canker lies in sweetest bud.  All men make faults" - William Shakespeare

Contrary to what you may think, this is not a negative post. 

Knowing what you don't like is just as important as knowing what you do like.  In fact it is very good self care, because once you've identified what what makes you tick and what ticks you off, you can start to change or avoid those things quite successfully.

Sometimes when you are not sure what you want, identifying what you DON'T want can help you navigate through the endless list of options.  (ie:  I don't want criticism! =  I want support!) 
There is nothing more self-reinforcing than knowing what you want and refusing to settle for less! It is just a very good self care habit to get into.

So without further ado....lets get to my list (in no particular order) of 25 things that really suck :

1) Closed minded thinking.  (I am guilty of this sometimes too- but we limit ourselves so much when we do this)

2) Comments on my Blog that link to porn sites (rare, but vile)

3) Cantaloupe (I keep trying it...I keep not liking it)

4) Being told what to do.  (If I don't ask, I don't want to know...share your ideas, make suggestions, but telling me that I have to do something in a particular way is the surest way to make me rebel)

5) Those little bottles of shampoo and conditioner they give you in hotel rooms (on a few rare occasions I have been surprised by a good brand, but rarely are these acceptable to me)

6) Bureaucracy - I prefer simple solutions to simple problems.

7) Party Politics - If you step back and take a neutral view you will see that neither side is better (or better behaved) than the other.  How can so many people possibly fit in two different parties anyway?

8) Bank of America, Citibank (insert other large heartless banking institution here).  - Too big and impersonal; pray you never have to deal with these in an estate situation.

9) United Airlines - The flight experience was bad...the customer service experience was the worst I have ever encountered.  Just see how they treat people who have complaints on the United Airlines facebook page.  It is ridiculous.

10) Processed food.  Nothing tastes better- or is better for you -than homemade. Everything processed contains either corn, soy or wheat in addition to salt, sugar, chemical flavorings & colorings, preservatives and other unnatural ingredients.  Eat REAL FOOD as much as possible!

11)  Emotional Vampires.   (Twilight vampires, excluded)

12)  Being apart from my Husband.

13) Not being able to access my Netflix or Pandora accounts in Australia

14) Jealous, non-supportive people.   (There is no reason to not be happy and celebrate the successes of others)

15) Cell phone use in public bathrooms

16) Arrogant doctors.  Answer my questions- I am paying YOU!

17) Power trips

18) Company politics

19) TSA  and the airline security theater - Travel the world for a moment and understand that no where else in the world would security have confiscated my small, unopened container of yogurt.  (Customs is a different story, but security?)    Also had one agent on input side of scanner tell me to leave IPAD in my bag..then agent on output side of scanner chastised me for leaving it in.  (They REALLY suck)

20) Cancer.   (I hate it)

21) Plastic soup-style spoons- the ones that are slightly deeper and rounder than regular plastic spoons.   They cut the corner of my mouth.

22) School lunches - how can anyone think that feeding our kids this crap is acceptable?

23) Child abuse.

24) Artificial Sugar substitutes.   First of all- they taste nasty.  Second of all there are plenty of natural sweet alternatives that will satisfy your sweet tooth and are way better for you.  

25) Not practicing regular self care!

One more note about things you don't like..It is okay and essential to have opinions about things.  Your opinions- even the negative ones- are an expression of you and your unique experiences and perspective.   My dislike for cantaloupe does not mean that cantaloupe is terrible.  It simply means that my experience with it has never been positive.   Putting together a list of things you can't stand is kind of fun.  I had a difficult time thinking of 25, although I am certain that I have a lot more I will think of later!  See how many you can come up with.  Then from that list identify an alternative. 

Your comments about things that suck are very welcome below!

Take Good Care!


Jennifer Fulks said...

LOL, I am pretty sure you were in my head when ou wrote this list, right down to the cantaloupe! Had to deal with B of A for our forclousure and having to go through bankruptcy right now. The big banks quit lending to commercial builders (but not residential, figure that one out) and our small commercial construction business went down the drain. I think the only things I would not have wrote down were the travel related ones because I don't fly, lol

Self Care Girl said...

See- things we don't like can sometimes bring us together! Thank you for your comment, Jennifer.

Take Good Care!

Elizabeth said...


I saw you followed my blog and I got into reading yours and I just couldn't stop! I'm now at this point in it and I LOVE YOUR LIST. Especially re: TSA, bloody Americans have no idea how bad it realy is! No other country pulls this crap.

Maybe you'd like rockmelon instead? lol