Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lots of Great Excuses...

A man who wants something, will find a way; a man who doesn't will find an excuse. -Stephan Dolley, Jr


This morning I am sitting here drinking my requisite morning coffee with whole milk and contemplating my recent life experiences, my future itineries,  and the importance (and difficulty) of making some changes recommended by my cardiologist a few months ago.   (See previous post about that, shamefully, unresolved issue here.)

I have been traveling for work almost constantly since October.   That nomadic lifestyle does not lend itself well to healthy eating and exercise.   (Excuses, I know)

In Italy, I fueled my long work days with fabulous pasta, bread and pizza, copious amounts of red wine and olive oil-drenched antipasti della casa and adhered (by necessity) to the Southern Italian custom of eating dinner at 9pm. 

In November I was in Melbourne, Australia.   The “foodie” in me was absolutely overwhelmed by the variety of foods from around the world that are available in this marvelous city.  Also, the beautiful, fresh produce of a Down Under summertime.   Wednesday nights at the Queen Victoria market, you can find everything from Sangria to Delicious food from Mauritius to Crocodile burgers and Dutch Pancakes.   A Melbourne cab driver told me to tell him what type of cuisine I craved and he would take me to that neighborhood!   Heaven!

The holidays came and went – the worst time of year to start a diet- and we were occupied with my mother in law’s visit until late in January.  (More excuses…yep)

I spent the month of February in Nagoya, Japan.   The Japanese eat more consciously than we do in the States.  They eat conservative portion sizes and a variety of food consciously at each meal.   There are very good lessons to be learned here about eating healthy and NOT overindulging…of course, that would have been much easier to adhere to if I had not located the Mochi-cream shop downstairs in my hotel.   (I should own stock now). 

I returned home last Saturday and I am slowly easing back into my comfortable, unhealthy routine.  The voice of Dr Getchell is constantly in my head and I am seriously contemplating jumpstarting my weight loss with a diet that was introduced to me by my naturopath late last year.  

Change is hard…it may comfort you to know that Self Care Girl is painfully human and imperfect too!   I am trying to get my head around it and how I can be successful when I head to South Carolina in April and then back to Melbourne in May.   It would seem that the best way to start is to think of some even more compelling excuses for making the right choices in the future.    I will keep you posted on my progress and share with you what I learn.  

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