Thursday, February 24, 2011

25 Ways to Bring On Spring!

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn  - Hal Borland

Today, I have decided to not get out of my pajamas.   I will drink hot cocoa; I will blog a little; I will get the required work done for the job that funds my luxurious lifestyle (hah!) and I will marvel at the snow and sunshine outside my home office window while dreaming of spring.  

While late winter snow is beautiful- being cold is getting old!  My mind lately has been drifting toward springtime.   Spring will eventually arrive -whether you prepare for it or not - but sometimes the wait can seem like forever.  To that end, I have compiled a list of things to do to take good care and to make the wait for spring a little less excruciating.

1)      Keep feeding those birds- this time of year is tough on our little winged friends.   If you feed them, they will sing to you too!
2)      Get a new haircut or color – Spring is all about fresh new beginnings
3)      Get a pedicure to put a “spring” in your step!
4)      Clear out a sacred space for yourself (a place in your home you can escape to for peace and quiet)
5)      Buy a cheery pot of spring flowers – I bought one yesterday to thank a neighbor…really thinking I should grab one for myself now too.
6)      Browse seed catalogs and start planning your garden
7)      Pull out your spring clothes- donate what you won’t wear /don’t wear/can’t wear to charity
8)      Take a walk and watch for signs of budding trees.
9)      Add bright colors throughout your home…rearrange your furniture, paint a room,  set out your spring themed accents!
10)   Make up your bed with floral sheets (might want to keep a set of floral flannel ones around if possible)
11)   Add some fresh fragrance to your rooms- candles, pot pourri, or a springy room spray.
12)   Watch for the arrival of fresh seasonal produce - asparagus will be in season very soon.
13)   Clean the garage.  (Not my favorite chore, but something we do every spring)
14)   Plan a vacation
15)   Make these really cute little bird cupcakes
16)   Wear bright fuzzy socks
17)   Eat strawberries
18)   Change your screen-saver to a springy theme
19)   Clean your windows
20)   Organize your filing cabinet- the new tax season will be easier if you are organized
21)   Force some buds
22)   Get crafty- add a spring theme to your card making, scrapbooking or sewing hobby
23)   Think Spring!  Post only positive thoughts and spring observations on facebook
24)   When the sun is shining, make sure you step outside and soak up some of those rays of Vitamin D.
25)   Plan a spring party with your girlfriends- one great theme: have each person bring a bouquet of one type of flower and a vase.   Everyone leaves the party with a mixed bouquet!  Have each person bring a dish that reminds them of spring.

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