Friday, August 6, 2010

Grumpy (but I am OK with that!)

"I'm only grouchy and moody on days that end with Y.”

Feeling a bit grumpy today, and quite honestly I have decided to just roll with it.

While it definitely makes me not very fun to be around, I can honestly say that I am not feeling very sociable anyway- I would actually like to be left alone today.

I think being in a bad mood is okay. Especially if it is fairly temporary and no one gets hurt. I have already warned the majority to stay the hell away. I have provided the “its not you, it’s me…I really just need my space” disclaimer (which may or may not be completely truthful depending on the person.) The disclaimer is somewhat effective in reducing the probing questions from people who take other people’s moods a little too personally.

I am one of those people, for sure…which is why I knew to create the disclaimer. (and shows that I really am pretty nice)

I just want room to think today (and occasionally to kick something). I know what is wrong and I know how to fix it. I just don’t like the solution very much.

The point of this post is to reinforce that it is okay and healthy to have negative feelings sometimes. Be patient with yourself when this happens. Give yourself permission to feel. Give yourself space to deal. And don’t hurt anyone.

Allowing yourself to grumble a little is good self care.

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