Wednesday, January 2, 2013

5 Ways to Adopt a "Snail's Pace"

One objective of simplifying your life is to free up time and energy so you can focus these on more important things. Simplifying does not necessarily equate to slowing down your life.  Slowing down is something that must be done as consciously as weeding out the unnecessary stuff. 

Here are 5 Good Suggestions to help you slow down:

1) Sit down for meals.    I too am guilty of occasionally eating over the sink-or worse - in the light cast by an open refrigerator door.   This not good for your soul.    Scarfing down food is NOT good for your body.   Take a slower approach.  Set the table.  Chew your food.  Enjoy the flavors.

2) Modify your Morning Routine so you aren't rushing out the door.   Get up 15 minutes earlier and just sit with a hot beverage and your happy thoughts.   Organize as much of the daily preparations as you can the night before- clothes, lunch, breakfast etc.

3) Drive the Speed Limit.   You'll get better gas mileage and you will be least likely to have an accident.   Make zen-like focus your habit when you are in the car.   There is no more important place to be fully present!  Give yourself plenty of time to get there.   If by chance you are late...make a courtesy call your solution; not speed!

4) Take Breaks.   You should not sit at your desk for longer than an hour at a time.   Set your calendar to send you notices each hour to take a break.   Use this time to stretch, use the bathroom, refill your beverage, take a little walk, or simply refocus your eyes.

5) Leave yourself sticky note reminders to slow down.   A few key places to stick these:  on your steering wheel; in a calendar notice (so it pops up on your computer screen); on the bathroom mirror; on the fridge


Lauren Znachko said...

I am so happy that I came across your blog. This is a really beautiful project to take on. I love that you are writing about it in public. Taking time for self care is so challenging. I couldn't help but think you and your readings might enjoy this article:

Keep writing!

Abiola said...

'Stumbled' on this blog this morning and I am glad I did.
I am guilty of number 2 and 3 'vices', always in a rush - to make breakfast, get the kids ready, drop them off at school and get to work early that I hardly have time for reflections or selfcare everyday.
Taking on the selfcare project henceforth.


Chere Harbridge said...

Thank you for these tips - great blog! I found it via your facebook page, which I am also following!